Organic Net as a Third Skin

I am very interested into architecture and interior design. Therefore, I decided to start posting designs that inspire me. Also, please share what designs inspire you and I will feature a few of them at the end of each week. I am very interested in what my viewers have to share.

Recently, I have been inspired by SAKO Architects. It is a Beijing based architecture firm of Japanese architect Keiichiro Sako. They have produced over 70 projects in China, Japan, Korea, Magnolia and Spain. The firm offers more than just architecture and interior design services; they provide graphic design, furniture and urban master planning. Using specific themes found only in China, they have developed an architecture style known as “Chinese Brand Architects.”

One of my  favorite designs by SAKO Architects is the women’s boutique, Romaticism, located in Hangzhou, China

The boutique is an enlarged motif of body and clothes. The organic net from the facade to the inside winding throughout the space acts as a third skin between space and clothes changing into different elements (partitions, furniture, counter, etc…)

Keiichiro Sako describes the design in an interview with

And what is the basic idea of the design you did for the Romanticism project in Hangzhou?

KS: This was the first shop of the Romanticism brand, which has over 500 shops. The client asked me for a design that no one could copy. There were no other requests. My design style is that if a client has a requirement, I try to get a grip on his thinking and bring it further. As there were no requirements, I questioned the concept of the boutique, the clothes and the relationship between body and space. In the end I designed an organic net winding through the space. Clothes are our second skin, space a third skin, and my design is positioned in between the clothes and space. It’s like a piece of furniture that you can hang clothes on and it changes its shape into partition, counter, chair, furniture as well as railing.

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License to Obsess

I am excited to finally get my blog together for the most part. I have been working hard on increasing exposure and adding options to my blog and Etsy shop. I have added a page so that you can now view my handcrafted Porcelain Masks and Trinket/Keepsake Boxes. If you were to click on any of the images you would get directed to my Etsy shop to view more details. So please check out my items, join my email list and start getting social. I love creating items to enhance the beauty of any space. I will post a new item weekly, either on a Saturday or Sunday. I hope you enjoy looking through my items and anything else that I post that interest you. Please let me know what you think. I would love to hear your opinions, find out what you are interested in, and what you want to see more of. Also, please keep looking for more fun to my blog and Etsy shop.


Masks, Goggles, Corsets, Oh My!!!!!

I am excited to have my “Brown and Black Miniature Porcelain Mask ” from my mask collection to make into a Treasury list on Etsy!!! This mask design was just something that I did off the top of my head. I wanted to create somthing simple and let the embelishments help enhance its beauty.  Please check out the Treasury list at Masks, Goggles, Corsets, Oh My!!! on Etsy.

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What is Under the Mask

I am excited to have my “Blue and Black Miniature Porcelain Mask” from my mask collection to make into a Treasury list on Etsy!!!  I absolutely enjoy designing masks. They always tell their own story and that is exactly what design is all about. This mask design was inspired by a tribal tattoo I had seen and I incorporated with other design elements to make it my own unique design. Please check out the Treasury list at What is Under the Mask on Etsy.

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