Sitting On Flowers

One of my favorite magazines is Interior Design. It is a magazine for the interior design professional marketplace. So I want to be able to share designs from the magazine that I find interesting and hopefully you will to. Today, I wanted to highlight a very unique chair that I came across…..

Tenderly, The Flower Chair

The chair has been designed by Carla Tolomeo, which is a part of SICIS NEXT ART Chapter One collection. Tenderly is characterized by beautiful, artistic mosaic and precious silk velvet, all 100% hand-made in Italy. The company creates furniture that looks like delicate art. I absolutely love their unique designs. I suggest checking them out to see other pieces they have created.

Let me know your opinions on the flower like Tenderly chair or any other products by SICIS that you come across that you may enjoy.


Fresh Start

I have been gone  for way too long. I had to figure out a couple of things in my life in order to achieve the goals I have set for myself. I am glad to be back because I did not really accomplish what I wanted to with my blog. So let’s try this again with a fresh start. Feel free to OBSESS…