Misfits by Ron Arad is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. It is a modern modular sofa that consists of  corners, central elements and two footstools, all which can be configured pretty much however you want. I actually used this couch in a past school project design for an Art Nouveau inspired child space that took on a modern approach to the style. If you know anything about Art Nouveau, then you know the style is known for its decorative “whiplash” curves that are formed by dynamic, undulating, and flowing lines. Those characteristics can definitely be seen in the sofa. Arad’s design looks like something out of a cartoon, and as a child or an adult I believe anyone would have fun with the Misfits seating due to its many shapes to put it together as you see fit, like an endless puzzle….


Polymer Clay Jewelry Collection

I just realized I totally forgot to add a Jewelry section under my Etsy page on here, which will now be coming soon. I only have four pendant designs at the moment and will be working on some more ideas soon. Recently, one of my pendants was added to a TREASURY!! It was the Super Mario Bob-omb Pendant. Go ahead and check out the Treasury called 8-Bit Love by MasticLashes and the few pendants I have up. Also feel free to suggest any ideas that want to see for my pendants or any other products.


Costume Time

For Halloween the past couple of years, I go to this convention called Youmacon in Detroit. It last for a weekend and its a chance to throw on a costume and show off your geeky side. The first year I attended I was the Black Widow and the second year I was Rogue. I definitely received a lot of attention and it was so much fun to see what other people dressed up as.

This year I was going to cosplay as one of the two again, but I finally decided to go as Black Cat. I am going to reuse my cat suit from my Black Widow costume as a start and to save money. However, there are a few other things I need for the costume, which was over my price range at few Halloween stores and still needed a few modifications. I simply refuse to spend $30 on something to experiment working out kinks on, especially if things do not go as planned then I just wasted money. This may seem last-minute but I work really well under pressure and never figure out my costume until the 1st of October every year.

List of things I still need:

  • Black Corset
  • Black or White Long Gloves
  • Tall Black or White Boots
  • White Fur
  • Black Choker with Gold Medallion
  • Black Mask
  • White Long Wig
  • Some ideas of how to attach the fur to the gloves, boots, and cat suit. ( I want the fur to be removable from the boots and cat suit so that I can still reuse the body suit for other costumes and still wear the boots for everyday use.)

So lets hope I can get this worked out because I am really excited to go as Black Cat. Hopefully, I get a lot of great compliments again this year on my costume. Any suggestions are welcomed as well.

Here are few photos from previous costumes and what the Black Cat looks like, as well as some shops that I like for handmade costumes and accessories on Etsy. Go ahead and check them out! Even if you already have a costume, you can never have too many and there is always next year.

RavenwoodMasks – Leather Masks for Cosplay and Masquerade, Handmade.

ImaginariumApparel – Theatrical clothing and the ‘darker’ side of fashion

eshopmania – Victorian goth, Gothic Lolita, Gothic, dark Fashion, wedding related accessories and more in future

Peachykiki –  Tailors costumes to your exact measurements and does custom orders for almost costume

Spif – Spiffzaya’s crazy costume and accessories store.

Treasury Lists!!!

My Libra Trinket Box was featured in two treasury lists on Etsy recently. A Treasury is an ever-changing, Etsy member-curated shopping gallery comprised of lists of items. Lists contain 16 items. Members can feature their favorite items, items selected on a theme or whatever they like. Both lists contain some really nice items, so feel free to check them both out…

Libra with a Scorpio Rising

Happy Birthday October Peeps!