Glass House


“Simplicity is when, in the act of creating the dwelling, matter becomes transparent, a medium for aesthetic values, the stage and theater of representation. Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio pursue and achieve their design intention in which glass figures as the unquestioned protagonist, excluding the mediation of supports that would challenge its leading role”.

Source: Santambrogiomilano


Check out more images of the house at the website by clicking the source link. You will enjoy how the home captures the landscape from every angle. Enjoy!




Moving Walls Transform Apartment

This video is a couple of years old but I still love it.

A 344 square foot apartment in Hong Kong that could change into any of 24 different designs. It is an amazing 4 minute video. Click the link below. Enjoy!

If you ever notice a lot of people do not make very good use of the space they have or people having a perfect room for show but never using it. It’s a complete waste of space. We have so much in our homes that we do not use or need but because the space is there we just fill it up a lot of times.

Well what if all of a sudden you have such a small space, like a 344 sq.ft. apartment. How would you optimize the space given to you? Could you or would you even consider how? I think most people would make do or try to find something bigger.

The video shows how Gary Chang utilized the small space of his apartment and turn it into something great and flexible for whatever use he needed the space to be arranged for. Chang also explains why this kind of design is so important in a world of diminishing resources, particularly when one of those resources is space, “The key idea is that everyone could look into their home more carefully and into how better to optimize their resources, because space is a resource. There is no use making your home as if it is a perfect show flat but at the same time never using the space.”



Space Saving Hong Kong Flat

Fluid Motion

My design philosophy involves movement and flowing through the use of fluid and interweaving elements throughout a space. These elements guides the eye within and around the space, along with creating a harmonious, but contrasting interest to crisp technical elements forming a dynamic space.

One of my favorite design styles is Art Nouveau because it uses the contours of rhythmic forms abstracted from nature to reveal several design elements to guide the design of a space. The key elements focus on dynamic, undulation, flowing lines and “whiplash” curves to define the architecture and interior forms, such as the windows, plaster work, and furniture pieces. The design style is characterized by a belief that all life was art, and as a result, all life should be treated as an art form.

Here are some images that incorporate my favorite elements of design. Enjoy!!