So the past month I been busy with moving into my new apartment. It was a struggle to get all the paperwork together, to actually move in, and get things situated (that’s what happens when you deal with an unorganized and unreliable roommate). Let’s just hope the year goes by well, meaning I do not strangle anyone before then. LOL  just kidding.

Anyways, I have manage to finish part of one my planned DIY projects. I will share it with you over the weekend. It’s my Jewelry organizer. Its only the start of it because I realized that I have too much jewelry and nothing can really accommodate it all at once. It will definitely be an ongoing project with several different parts.

I just wanted to give you notice of what has been going on with so you do not think that I just abandoned you guys.

Also, I did not get that Custom Decorator position I had mentioned back in June/July. I have not given up home though. I am going to keep applying to different jobs and keeping you guys updated.



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