I visited a “UFO” / He visitado un “OVNI” / J’ai visité un “‘OVNI”

Futuro House

Sartenada shared this post with me from their blog. Its images of the Futuro house in Finland by Finnish Architect Matti Suuronen. I wish I could go and visit and experience it for myself but luckily Sartenada has some great pictures. I hope you find the overall design of the building to be fun.  Thanks Sartenada for sharing. Enjoy!!!

I visited a “UFO” / He visitado un “OVNI” / J’ai visité un “‘OVNI”.




A Little Relaxation Would Be Nice…

It would be nice to have a break from life every now and then, a complete day of relaxation. I am always busy with working at Jcpenney and painting. Don’t get me wrong, painting is relaxing but it is still work. I have today off from Jcp  but I usually spend off  days painting or handling business I usually can not get done because of work. So I guess I will get back to a painting on my next item for my shop and dream of relaxing. I hope everyone is enjoying today regardless if its busy or not. Make the most of it.

Dreaming of Relaxation….


My Heart

“Designing is not a profession but an attitude. Design has many connotations. It is the organization of materials and processes in the most productive way, in a harmonious balance of all elements necessary for a certain function. It is the integration of technological, social, and economical requirements, biological necessities, and the psychological effects of materials, shape, color, volume and space. Thinking in relationships.”

~Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
Photographer, Graphic Designer, Co-founder, Bauhaus

Design is where my heart is and forever shall be. Enjoy it because it is everywhere.



Misfits by Ron Arad is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. It is a modern modular sofa that consists of  corners, central elements and two footstools, all which can be configured pretty much however you want. I actually used this couch in a past school project design for an Art Nouveau inspired child space that took on a modern approach to the style. If you know anything about Art Nouveau, then you know the style is known for its decorative “whiplash” curves that are formed by dynamic, undulating, and flowing lines. Those characteristics can definitely be seen in the sofa. Arad’s design looks like something out of a cartoon, and as a child or an adult I believe anyone would have fun with the Misfits seating due to its many shapes to put it together as you see fit, like an endless puzzle….


Organic Net as a Third Skin

I am very interested into architecture and interior design. Therefore, I decided to start posting designs that inspire me. Also, please share what designs inspire you and I will feature a few of them at the end of each week. I am very interested in what my viewers have to share.

Recently, I have been inspired by SAKO Architects. It is a Beijing based architecture firm of Japanese architect Keiichiro Sako. They have produced over 70 projects in China, Japan, Korea, Magnolia and Spain. The firm offers more than just architecture and interior design services; they provide graphic design, furniture and urban master planning. Using specific themes found only in China, they have developed an architecture style known as “Chinese Brand Architects.”

One of my  favorite designs by SAKO Architects is the women’s boutique, Romaticism, located in Hangzhou, China

The boutique is an enlarged motif of body and clothes. The organic net from the facade to the inside winding throughout the space acts as a third skin between space and clothes changing into different elements (partitions, furniture, counter, etc…)

Keiichiro Sako describes the design in an interview with movingcities.org:

And what is the basic idea of the design you did for the Romanticism project in Hangzhou?

KS: This was the first shop of the Romanticism brand, which has over 500 shops. The client asked me for a design that no one could copy. There were no other requests. My design style is that if a client has a requirement, I try to get a grip on his thinking and bring it further. As there were no requirements, I questioned the concept of the boutique, the clothes and the relationship between body and space. In the end I designed an organic net winding through the space. Clothes are our second skin, space a third skin, and my design is positioned in between the clothes and space. It’s like a piece of furniture that you can hang clothes on and it changes its shape into partition, counter, chair, furniture as well as railing.

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