Functional Art

This bathroom looks so amazing. It reminds me of something Antoni Gaudi would do. Check out Lance Jordan Creations to see more work he has done. You can definitely see the time periods from which his works were inspired. Enjoy!

Mosaic Tile Bathroom

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DIY: Glass Marble Tabletop

This is a glass marble tabletop made with glass gemstones from the dollar store. I think its pretty neat. I always forget that dollar stores carry nifty things. So next time you need something and do not want to pay a lot, see if your local dollar has something cool and creative. Enjoy!!


Design Portfolio Website

Design Portfolio

I have finally redone my website for my design portfolio. It features my interior design projects, graphic design, and, of course, Cre8ive Obsessions products. I am still working on adding more things but I wanted to at least get it up and running with a few things and get feedback along the way.

Speaking of feedback, this is where you all come in. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you all have to improve on the website. Click the image to go straight there. Thanks!