Dream Coats

One of my favorite shops on Esty is Enlightened Platypus. I absolutely love Lisa Marie’s Dream Coats. She creates garments that have really amazing color and design combinations, which are created by upcycling and layering discarded sweaters. Anyone can obviously see the detailed work and care put into each and every coat. Her designs are definitely one of a kind. Below is a slide show of a few of my favorite Dream Coats she has created. I just hope that I can save up enough money to actually by one for myself one day because they are gorgeous. I can just imagine myself twirling nonstop in front of mirror and showing it off to everyone I encounter.


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“I create quality, one of a kind garments for the woman who revels in whimsy and delights in the extraordinary.  That free spirit who is empowered by clothing that fits her mind, body and soul.”
-Lisa Marie, shop owner