New Listing!

So I know I have been slacking a lot on posting new items. I have few lined up so hopefully I will not get behind this time. I found a better way to manage my time.

Any how this box is one that I posted before for a custom request. The client in the end kept saying they wanted it but never would make a purchase (and kept saying she would)  and after a month (which was way too long) I had to go ahead and tell them that I would have to make it public for anyone.

Therefore, it is listed for anyone who is interested.


Batman and Joker Trinket Box

Check out my latest listing, Batman and Joker Trinket Box!

To see the Joker on the inside, click the image to get more views. Don’t forget to “Like” my shop on Facebook and “Favorite” my shop on Etsy!


Batman and Joker Trinket Box