Luxurious Bathrooms with Stunning Design Details

When I was in college one of my favorite rooms to design was Master Bathrooms with unique interesting set up. When I design my own home, my personal bathroom will be unbelievable. In the meantime, take a look at some beautiful bathroom designs at the line below.


Luxurious Bathrooms With Stunning Design Details

While we may not think of the bathroom as an important part of a home’s overall design, when you have a luxurious, perfectly appointed bathroom, people are going to notice…and you may not be able to get them to leave! The designs in this post come to use from interior designer Ahmed Mady and though each room is distinct, they all carry an essence of ultimate luxury. Go ahead, dip your toe in.  (More..)

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Can I get a “YES!”

With my new job, I offer free in-home consultations, measure and install service for window treatments with thousands of pattern and color choices to create a custom look for someone’s home.

When I first started, I thought it was going to be easy to get people to buy. Well, let me tell you that it is challenging. (However, I love challenges no matter how difficult.) My first 2-3 weeks starting out, I did not get anyone to buy anything. I think mostly because people do not realize how much custom draperies cost. A pair draperies can start off at relatively $1500 and that’s just a plain simple solid without any kind of detail.  Trust me, most of my clients are not looking for simple by any means. Don’t get me wrong though, simple definitely can have a statement depending on how you execute the design and what else is going on the room. Most of my clients want their draperies to be one of their focal points.

Before, I received my first “yes,” I was literally almost at my breaking point. I was so frustrated and felt defeated because I kept constantly hearing no over and over again. The look on a clients’ faces when I quoted out the cost took me a while to get used to. They would literally be in a moment of shock. At that point, it is on me to convince the customer that what they selected is worth the money they are going to spend and that it is going to look wonderful. You need to give them that “reassurance.”

So, you can believe I was excited to finally hear a “YES!” It is going to be beautiful and the client is going to absolutely love it. If this first part of the project goes well, she is going to do several more rooms in her home. Within the same week, I got another “YES!” and now the project is underway and they plan on doing several more rooms as well. I can’t wait to see the window treatments up in the rooms. I will be sharing pictures with you all.

My main point in sharing all this is that being in a sales position where you have to go to people’s home is hard. You are on the customer’s turf playing by what sometimes seems like their rules. The key is to allow the customer to think that they are making all the decisions when you really are. You guiding them to the solution they want. Someone told me that in the beginning you will hear more no then yes; however, when you get your first yes, they are going to start coming more frequently and your clientele is going to start growing. It is a hurdle. I believe hearing that helped me to keep going and overcome that feeling of defeat.

Wish me luck as I continue on with the many challenges that my job will give me. It definitely keeps it fun and interesting.


What Have I Been Up To?

Wow! It has been so long since I have posted anything. So here is what I have been up to?

I have been working on trying to further my career and utilize my Interior Design Degree. Currently, I am working as an In-Home Custom Decorator. I assist customers in creating the perfect window treatment for their home including matching accessories. I really enjoy my job and let’s not even talk about homes I go into. Sometimes I feel a tad bit intimidated. I have only been doing this for 3 weeks and it gets better and better. I will gladly share projects that I am working on with you all and feel free to give your opinion.

I have not been painting as of lately because I simply just do not have the time anymore. My new job definitely has given me new appreciation for time management. Once I get really settled into my job, I would love to go back and continue painting to get my Etsy shop, Cre8ive Obsessions, back up and running. I have few ideas that I need to just finish. So be prepared for that and like always feel free to suggest any design that you want to see or request an item for you and/or your family and friends. I will make time for any commission request.

One last final thing, I have been working on a few DIY projects. I can not wait to finish them and share them. This time I will not make them into crazy long post. I went back looking at the Jewelry Box and wondered what I was thinking. I should have broken it up into parts.

That was  quick update as to what is going with me and things to come. So what have you been up to?



So the past month I been busy with moving into my new apartment. It was a struggle to get all the paperwork together, to actually move in, and get things situated (that’s what happens when you deal with an unorganized and unreliable roommate). Let’s just hope the year goes by well, meaning I do not strangle anyone before then. LOL  just kidding.

Anyways, I have manage to finish part of one my planned DIY projects. I will share it with you over the weekend. It’s my Jewelry organizer. Its only the start of it because I realized that I have too much jewelry and nothing can really accommodate it all at once. It will definitely be an ongoing project with several different parts.

I just wanted to give you notice of what has been going on with so you do not think that I just abandoned you guys.

Also, I did not get that Custom Decorator position I had mentioned back in June/July. I have not given up home though. I am going to keep applying to different jobs and keeping you guys updated.



Blank Canvas

I am getting ready to move to a new apartment. I am so excited although we have not decided on a place yet. I want to really want to add a little bit of design to it. I have so many ideas that I want to try to execute.

It is going to be terrible though because my boyfriend and I are going to live with a roommate again. So, I do not know how much designing I will be able to get away with and whether they will be able to take care of things. I live with this person now and we bump heads quite a bit and his logic is something else. I am sure I can survive one more year with him, besides the logic thing he can be cool.

Anyways, back to the designing aspect. There are previous ideas that I have supplies for that I have yet to execute and new ones as well. Here are a few of my upcoming projects that I want to do and are very easy. 


I simply can’t wait to get these going. I will show you what I have done step by step. I always try to take an idea and see how i can do it differently or better. 

~Laverne W.

How to Speckle Paint

Sorry I been missing for weeks. I have been working on a few new items for my shop on Etsy. I am so excited to share those with you all very soon.


So on one of the items I am working on I decided I wanted to speckle paint on the surface. Only problem with that is that I could not think of a simple way doing it. Of course, some research had to be done. Come to find out all I needed was a toothbrush. Basically. you dip you toothbrush in the paint and rub your thumb (I prefer using anther tool so my hands are not any more messier than they already are) across the bristles to fling the paint your surface. I felt really silly after reading that because I already knew that just could not recall. Thanks to this little article I found (below). There are also some other helpful little tidbits to get the right kind of speckles. Enjoy!


Painting With A Toothbrush/ Beach Rock

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No studio is complete without a toothbrush. Yes, you read that right.

This week I’ll show you several ways that a toothbrush can be used to improve your paintings.

Let’s start with the most obvious: speckling.  Often the best way to imitate the texture of an object is to speckle paint onto it.  Rocks and sand are two such cases and I’ve incorporated both into this painting of a rock I found along the local beach.

I start by brushing in raw sienna for the sand color, then paint the gray of the rock.  I add the white streaks and some shading onto the rock and also add the cast shadow on the sand.  Once this dries, I dip my toothbrush into burnt umber and drag my thumb across it to flick specks of paint onto the sand area.  This can really grind the paint into your thumb so, instead,  you might want to use the handle of a brush or something similar to drag across the toothbrush.  It creates a marvelous random pattern of specks.  You can control the size and nature of the specks to a degree by keeping in mind the following points:

  • The more water you add to the paint, the bigger the specks and the more semi-transparent they’ll be.
  • The less water you add to the paint, the smaller the specks will be and the more opaque.
  • A wet toothbrush will also make the paint specks bigger and more semi-transparent.
  • A wet or damp surface will make the specks have soft edges and bleed after they hit the surface

I leave a few brown specks on the rock but dab most of them off with a wet paper towel.  I let the surface dry before I speckle more paint because, as pointed out above, a wet surface will cause the paint that falls onto it to have softer edges.  This, sometimes, might be the look you’re after.  But, in order to mimic the specks on the rock, I want them to be sharp edged.

Once the surface has dried, I mix some ultramarine blue in with the burnt umber, dip my toothbrush into it and speckle it onto the rock.  Any specks that fall outside the rock area and onto the sand area, I clean up with  a damp towel.  Once the dark specks have dried, I dab my toothbrush into white paint and speckle the rock area with it.  Again, most if not all of the white specks that fall onto the sand area are quickly wiped up.

And, that’s it.  An easy way to add the perfect texture to your painting.  Compliments of the toothbrush.

Craft Space Organization

The holidays have been keeping me really busy. I have so many ideas and projects that I am going to be working on with the start of the new year. One of the first things I will be working on is redesigning my bedroom. My boyfriend is no help so I am just going to do it and he is going to have to live with it. 😉 Besides he is the one to told me to go ahead and put my Interior Design degree to some use while job hunting.

So first, I am going to be purchasing a desk so I can have some where to work on crafts for my Etsy shop. Its hard living with three other people and not having a decent place to work on things or store them.  It makes me not want to work on anything especially when I have to worry about other people disturbing my things or having to constantly find a some where to work on projects. I have already managed to obtain a double 9-drawer rolling cart with 2 shelves to store my crafts on as well as my beta fish.

20121230_164101  ACE

The final idea for my craft area will be to make a hanging paint storage rack. I found this neat DIY idea (below) that I am going to try.

DIY Hanging Paint Storage

To make DIY Hanging Craft Paint Storage, you will need:

  • wire shelving (2 per rack)
  • 3/4″ diameter PVC pipe ( 4 segments per rack)
  • PVC pipe caps ( 8 per rack)
  • Screws, washers, mollies, and nails
  • Drill, hacksaw, and hammer

So far all I have is the wire shelving, and the tools I am sure I can borrow from someone. Here are the INSTRUCTIONS. I can wait to get it done and show you all my completed little work area and the details to redesigning my room in general. Enjoy!!