Possibly the Most Legendary Zelda Cake Ever

One of my favorite video games of all time is Legend of Zelda. Its inspired by Skyward Sword. This is such an awesome cake. It has great details, plus it MOVES!

Check out the link below for more details, as well as a video showing the full cake along with some footage of how it all came together. I wish I could just get a slice of it. Enjoy!


Video: Possibly the Most Legendary Zelda Cake Ever – Wii News @ Nintendo Life.

LOZ Cake

Legend of Zelda Chest

Legend of Zelda ChestHow many of you from my sneak peek picture knew that my next product would be a Legend of Zelda Chest? Well I just posted it in my Etsy Shop. Click the image to get more views of the item. I hope you all enjoy.

For my next box, I do not have sneak peek image because I have not started on it yet and it would give you way too much information from the start. Therefore, you will have to wait and be completely surprised. Don’t you just love surprises? I hope the wait does not get to you. Enjoy!!