Etsy Shop: Cre8ive Obsessions

Sooooooooooooo…… I have not listed anything in long time on Etsy. That is all about to change.

I have been working on some new ideas and have finalized a few. These past couple of months have been real hectic with redesigning the apartment due to my roommate finally moving out. So, now I have more space to actually work on projects for my shop while finding new DIY projects to work on, as well as getting booked more Interior Design Consultations for my job.

I finally found out how important TIME MANAGEMENT really is. I actually use a planner for more than my To Do List and Birthdays, now.

I plan on starting to list items sometime before mid October. I will be sharing a few sneak peaks of things as a I gradually start to finalize the date. Be on the look out.



My First Custom Request!!

So, I am excited to say that I received by first custom request for a trinket box. The customer wants it to be Batman themed and that’s all I have to work with. She just said surprise her because the person she is giving it to likes anything Batman. I am kind of nervous about how much free range there is and really hope she likes it.

Here are some sneak peaks of what the box will look like:

2013-06-01 08.19.49 2013-06-01 08.20.04

I will show you all the finished product in a few days with what she thinks. I hope this is the Batman she was looking for.


Fluid Motion

My design philosophy involves movement and flowing through the use of fluid and interweaving elements throughout a space. These elements guides the eye within and around the space, along with creating a harmonious, but contrasting interest to crisp technical elements forming a dynamic space.

One of my favorite design styles is Art Nouveau because it uses the contours of rhythmic forms abstracted from nature to reveal several design elements to guide the design of a space. The key elements focus on dynamic, undulation, flowing lines and “whiplash” curves to define the architecture and interior forms, such as the windows, plaster work, and furniture pieces. The design style is characterized by a belief that all life was art, and as a result, all life should be treated as an art form.

Here are some images that incorporate my favorite elements of design. Enjoy!!



60 Hand Painted Absolut Vodka Bottles

Earlier in the month, ABSOLUT kicked off the official launch of ABSOLUT Art-Stream, curated by Made. Parisian artist Yué Wu was one of the first to present his unique mix of works, which spotlight this insane animation entitled “The Circle of Life”. By hand-painting 60 ABSOLUT bottles with delicate detail, Yué then photographed his containers and sequenced them in order to symbolize elements of change, growth and rebirth.

Enjoy the stunning work of art below:


What Else Can One Do With Toilet Paper?

Well Turkish artist, Sakir Gökcebag, has the answer. He uses everyday objects to make extraordinary installations, like his latest you see below using toilet paper. It’s a very simple object used to construct elaborate wall and ceiling sculptures. Enjoy!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Misfits by Ron Arad is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. It is a modern modular sofa that consists of  corners, central elements and two footstools, all which can be configured pretty much however you want. I actually used this couch in a past school project design for an Art Nouveau inspired child space that took on a modern approach to the style. If you know anything about Art Nouveau, then you know the style is known for its decorative “whiplash” curves that are formed by dynamic, undulating, and flowing lines. Those characteristics can definitely be seen in the sofa. Arad’s design looks like something out of a cartoon, and as a child or an adult I believe anyone would have fun with the Misfits seating due to its many shapes to put it together as you see fit, like an endless puzzle….


Sitting On Flowers

One of my favorite magazines is Interior Design. It is a magazine for the interior design professional marketplace. So I want to be able to share designs from the magazine that I find interesting and hopefully you will to. Today, I wanted to highlight a very unique chair that I came across…..

Tenderly, The Flower Chair

The chair has been designed by Carla Tolomeo, which is a part of SICIS NEXT ART Chapter One collection. Tenderly is characterized by beautiful, artistic mosaic and precious silk velvet, all 100% hand-made in Italy. The company creates furniture that looks like delicate art. I absolutely love their unique designs. I suggest checking them out to see other pieces they have created.

Let me know your opinions on the flower like Tenderly chair or any other products by SICIS that you come across that you may enjoy.


License to Obsess

I am excited to finally get my blog together for the most part. I have been working hard on increasing exposure and adding options to my blog and Etsy shop. I have added a page so that you can now view my handcrafted Porcelain Masks and Trinket/Keepsake Boxes. If you were to click on any of the images you would get directed to my Etsy shop to view more details. So please check out my items, join my email list and start getting social. I love creating items to enhance the beauty of any space. I will post a new item weekly, either on a Saturday or Sunday. I hope you enjoy looking through my items and anything else that I post that interest you. Please let me know what you think. I would love to hear your opinions, find out what you are interested in, and what you want to see more of. Also, please keep looking for more fun to my blog and Etsy shop.